To Reopen or Not to Reopen, That Was the Question

To Reopen or Not to Reopen, That Was the Question

For months, many communities and government bodies have met online for their meetings and many have not seen each other, except through a computer screen.

With the Sauk Valley returning to Tier 1 mitigations and a relaxing of the restrictions, small gatherings such as committee meetings may now resume.  During the Dixon City Council meeting Tuesday night, City Manager Dan Langloss asked the council on their thoughts in regards to vaccinations, council meetings and reopening of city hall.

Langloss said city employees’ fall into the category of 1C.  He asked if they should wait until all city hall employees are vaccinated or should they reopen city hall next week.  He further asked about the council leaving Facebook live meetings and getting back together face to face.

Some on the council expressed their desire to get back face to face, such and Councilman Dennis Considine.

Langloss said they did not have to make a decision now and they could think about it.  The Health Department is currently taking applications for those who qualify for the 1B category.  This includes persons over 65 years of age.