Remote Only Students Not Doing Well Academically in Dixon

Remote Only Students Not Doing Well Academically in Dixon

The Dixon School Board and members of the school administration held a very lengthy and in-depth discussion in regards to the academic conditions of the students and the 2nd Semester Return to Learn Plan Wednesday night.

The new plan, explained Principal Dr. Michael Grady, would maximize face to face learning by having students in school five days a week.  The plan could have Group A students attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The students in Group B would attend Tuesday and Thursday.  This schedule would alternate weekly.

During the meeting, Board Member Melissa Gates asked how the grades were for the students.  Grady responded that they were not as good as they could be.  Another administrator pointed out the students who are not doing well are the remote only learning students.

In response to this, Gates said, in her opinion, the district was failing the students and they needed to be back in the classroom.  She said once teachers are immunized, she saw no reason for full time classes not to resume.

Grady pointed out they are working towards transitioning back to full time.  He also said they still have to maintain safety and more kids close together increases the risk of infection.