SVCC Gets Help From Unexpected Source, Board OK’s Pay Raises

SVCC Gets Help From Unexpected Source, Board OK’s Pay Raises

The financial and enrollment news coming from Sauk Valley Community College seems to be looking better.  It turns out part of the financial help for the college came from a much unexpected source.

During the most recent Board of Trustees meeting, School President Dr. David Hellmich told the board if they did nothing, the budgeted 2% raise for employees would go into effect.  Hellmich said last month things looked bleak, but, as he put it, a lot has changed in a month.

In the past month the school now has more reliable numbers and while the school may still be operating in the red there looks to be an increase in revenue by $425,000.  It also showed the enrollment numbers are improving for the summer and it is expected the numbers will continue to improve into the fall.

The surprising assistance the school received was from Covid-19 itself.  Dr. Hellmich explained that  with the school locked down and many things now cancelled, the college actually has less expenses and this is leading to money allocated for certain things is not being spent and can now be used elsewhere.

The board decided to let the raises go forward.