Keeping It Real Can Help Beat Holiday Stress

Keeping It Real Can Help Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays are a busy time and it is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time.  There are the lights, the music, the family, the gifts and the message of the season.

But, for some, the holidays can be a horrible time filled with stress and depression.  For those with a mental disorder or substance abuse problem the holidays can be a terrifying time.  But, for many average people it can also be a time of stress and sometimes anger.

Sinnissippi Centers Marketing Coordinator Andy Jackson says a great way to avoid stress over the holidays is to keep it real.  What he means by that is many time we put the expectations too high and when we do not meet those expectations that is when the stress sets in.

Jackson further said money concerns and issues is the number one cause for stress.  The desire to get the right gifts, buying the food and traveling to see relatives can be a budgetary stress when you also need to pay for regular life things.

Jackson says if you make a holiday budget and stick to it, you will have a much better chance of eliminating that stress during the holidays and afterwards when the credit card bills roll in.  He went on to say that is not only a great way to eliminate stress during the holidays, but, year round as well.