The Long Awaited Road Repair Project in Dixon Begins in Earnest

The Long Awaited Road Repair Project in Dixon Begins in Earnest

For the past couple of years residents in Dixon have been clamoring for roads in town to be repaired. With Petunia Festival being finished the plan to repair the roads and infrastructure in town will be beginning in earnest.

One of the first main projects to be started was the water main replacement project on Depot Avenue.  Public Works Director Matt Heckman said crews began phase one of the project which will go from 5th Street to 7th Street.  Phase two will be from 7th to the railroad tracks.

Heckman said the road work around town will really start picking up as this was not the only major infrastructure project started on Monday.

The road resurfacing project will cover two years as 10% of all the streets in Dixon will either be resurfaced or have a combination of infrastructure repairs and resurfacing done on them. Each year after this 2-3% of all roads will then be worked on.

One major project has been postponed and this is the Downtown Galena Avenue project.  Heckman said they are re-evaluating the project so drivers will not have to worry about it this year.

Heckman is asking commuters to please be patient and use caution around the work sites. He said the last thing anyone wants is an accident harming workers or commuters in town.