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News First

Amboy Depot 2019

And the Winner of the 50/50 Amboy Depot Days Drawing is…..

As the summer winds down one of the final big weekend events took place in Amboy again. It was Depot Days and with the help of the fine weather, thousands of people attended this year’s 4 day event.  On Sunday alone, according the Lee County Emergency Management, over 60,000 visited Amboy. There were a couple…read more »

Lee Ogle Tran System

LOTS to Help Develop Mobility Solutions for Low-Income Community Members

Lee Ogle Transportation Services announced that Lee and Ogle Counties have been selected as one of five communities by the National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM), to develop and test ways to address the particular mobility challenges experienced by low-income community members. The tests are for whom a lack of transportation is an obstacle to…read more »

Ogle County Court House

Ogle County Collector Reminds Property Taxes Are Due

Ogle County Collector Linda Beck wants to remind property owners that the second installment of their property tax bill is due September 6th. Payment methods include cash or check payable to Ogle County Collector.  In-person payments can be made at the treasurer’s office located in the Old Courthouse.  Office hours are 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.…read more »

Military Convoy

Historic Cross Country Trip Returns to Dixon

100 hundred years ago a convoy of military vehicles, led by a young officer named Dwight Eisenhower, was traveling across country to show the importance of good roads across the nation. On that trip the convoy stopped in Dixon and had lunch on the Old Courthouse lawn. Thursday, in 2019, another convoy of military vehicles…read more »

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