Sterling City Manager Says Do Not Believe All the Rumors You Hear

Sterling City Manager Says Do Not Believe All the Rumors You Hear

It is usually a good bet that the latest rumor you have heard is not true. Some do turn out to be true, but, most do not.  The problem with rumors is more people take them as fact, even when the truth is put out.  It is too difficult for some to discard their first truth for the truth.

Sterling City Manager Scott Schumard usually ignores rumors, but, this rumor he felt he needed to address.  He said he has heard the rumor that he would like to see the mall torn down.

Schumard said he has no idea how this was started, but, nothing could be farther from the truth.  He said if the city wanted the mall gone they would not be putting so much effort and resources to improve the area and help recruit or repurpose it.

Schumard said something does need to be done at the mall, but, it is a misperception that the city does the recruiting of retail.  Mostly it is a private sector effort.

Schumard said they have spoken with some possible investors and told them they would help in any way they can. Schumard said there is a strong possibility that the mall and the old K-Mart property could qualify as a TIF district.  This would give several incentives to people willing to make an investment.