Court Costs and Fees Maybe Going Up in Lee County

Court Costs and Fees Maybe Going Up in Lee County

Whenever a person is convicted of something in a court of law they usually have to pay more than just the fine. Many times the court costs are added into the fine.

Under a new pilot program soon to be rolled out by the Illinois Legislature courts will be able to increase those fines and fees.

During the recent Lee County Board meeting Lee County State’s Attorney Matt Klahn was granted permission to amend the code for administrative fees.

Klahn said this does not mean fees and fines are going up no matter what.  As a matter of fact, said Klahn, Lee County have sought court cost in about half of the cases come before it.

The program does allow the courts to determine the fees and fines while at the same time they will take into consideration if the person is even able to pay or the like.

Klahn stated the county wanted to get ahead of the pilot program before it is unveiled later this year.  After 18 months the state will evaluate if they wish to keep the program or not.