Rain Could Not Stop the Cop on a Rooftop

Rain Could Not Stop the Cop on a Rooftop

Heavy storms moved through the Sauk Valley Thursday night and Friday morning there were still times of drizzle, but, this did not stop Whiteside Sheriff John Booker.

The Sheriff put on rain gear and was joined by friends from other departments for the Cop on a Rooftop fundraiser for the Illinois Special Olympics.

Booker said this is a great fundraiser and fun to be a part of.  It also has a personal meaning to the sheriff as his nephew is an athlete in the Special Olympics.

The idea for the fundraiser is for people to give while coming into Dunkin Donuts, who help sponsor the event. Officers and Deputies were inside the store as well as at the drive through.

This year athletes of the Special Olympics made a guest appearance.  Next month will be the Torch Run for Special Olympics.  This too is an event hosted by area law enforcement.