Sheriff Booker Wonders if Revenue Gain of Legal Pot Really Worth It

Sheriff Booker Wonders if Revenue Gain of Legal Pot Really Worth It

Many people are cheering the prospect of the legal recreational use of marijuana in the State of Illinois. Others are supporting it based on the idea of the millions and billions of dollars in new revenue it will bring into the state.

There is a group in Illinois who has seen much of the effect of marijuana who have their reservations.  The most vocal is state law enforcement.

One of those who have expressed doubts in the benefits of it legalization is Whiteside County Sheriff John Booker.  Booker says his biggest concern is its effect on the communities.  He says he has been in conversation with law enforcement where it is legalized.

Booker admits it may be just law enforcement talking to law enforcement, but, in Colorado officers say it was a bad choice.  They report major increases in such things as traffic crashes.

Bookers is concerned lawmakers are looking only on the amount of money they can get their hands on and ignoring negative aspects.

Booker stated that as it is written now the legislation would be difficult or impossible to enforce. He stated departments will have to come up with more expensive blood tests to determine levels of it in your system.

Booker points out how the lottery was pushed as a way to solve education funding problems.  He points out education funding is still a problem despite all the money generated from it.  Will the same be true in the argument in support of legalization of recreational marijuana?  Booker wonders.