Lee County Board Leaves the Bride at the Altar

Lee County Board Leaves the Bride at the Altar

Lee County is in need of new revenue; however, some on the Lee County Board feels the actions of the board Tuesday night sent a negative message.

The board met for their monthly meeting and they had several issues on the agenda.  One issue looked harmless enough; however, it turned out to be the most controversial items of them all.

The Lee County Zoning Board had approved a petition from Kole and Kelsie Weaver for a special use permit.  The couple was hoping to open a wedding barn on property on Sink Hollow Road, north of Rt. 2.

When the matter was brought up several board members said they had been inundated by phone calls from citizens showing concerns.  The major concerns had to deal with increased noise levels as well as increased traffic on Sink Hollow Road.

Those in favor of the venture said the zoning board had put restrictions stating no music and alcohol after 11pm.  A measure to add a vacate notice of midnight ended with a tie vote, killing the measure.  When all was said and done the board voted no by an 11-9 vote.  Chair John Nicholson said this effectively kills the measure for now.

While those in favor of the petition admitted the amount of increased revenue to the county from this business would have been minimal, the message it sends could produce many problems. Nicholson said the county needs to be more entrepreneur friendly and this gives the opposite impression.