Oregon SRO Has Had Impact at High School and the Community

Oregon SRO Has Had Impact at High School and the Community

The Oregon High School this year joined a growing list of schools in the Sauk Valley who this year added a School Resource Officer to their staff. Oregon Police Sgt. Randy Cropp was assigned as the first SRO.

Chief Darin DeHaan says Cropp has had an immediate impact on the job.  According to the Chief, Cropp has worked well at gaining the trust of the students and many of them have come to him for advice and information.

DeHaan says the students have even brought legal questions or to pass on information concerning crimes they may have witnessed.  The Chief said the department has taken over the investigation into these crimes they may not have even known about if it weren’t for the students.

DeHaan also said he would like Cropp to begin educating the students on the problems with Vaping.

Other area Cropp is working on is the Physical Security of the School, Reviewing Camera Systems as well as discussing traffic laws and such with Drivers Ed. Classes.

Recently voters in Oregon approved a tax increase to help pay for the SRO.  Chief DeHaan wanted to thank the community for their support.