Riding in Style.   Hundreds Cheer on Cannonball Riders at Stop in Rock Falls

Riding in Style. Hundreds Cheer on Cannonball Riders at Stop in Rock Falls

Well over a thousand persons came to Workman Harley Davidson in Rock Falls Thursday afternoon to see something they may never see again. The event was something special as over 100 mint condition motorcycles made their way to Rock Falls.

The reason for the bikes coming to Rock Falls is for the Transcontinental Motorcycle Cannonball Run.  This is a 3,600 mile Portland Maine to Portland Oregon endurance race for 80-90 year old motorcycles.

One of the riders in the Cannonball is Editor of the magazine Cycle World Paul D’Orlean.  He said it is a great feeling riding across America on these vintage bikes.

D’Orlean said the motorcycles are special pieces of equipment and you can imagine if they have a motor problem you just can’t stop at a parts store for repairs.  He said there is a mechanic who follows the riders.  He added at the end of the day there have been times when the mechanics truck is pretty full.

D’Orlean said so far the weather only bothered the riders one day so far as this is day 6 of the 16 day race. As the participants stopped to get a quick bite to eat provided by Workman staff hundreds of people milled around to get a close look at the bikes and speak to the riders.

D’Orlean said it is great to see so many people who came out to great them.  Despite the fact his bike is worth ¾ million dollars he had no problem with people looking it over.

After the brief stop the motorcyclist were on their way as the people in Rock Falls cheered them on.