Unsung Heroes From Dixon School Shooting Honored at School Board Meeting

Unsung Heroes From Dixon School Shooting Honored at School Board Meeting

Back in May the lives of many people in Dixon changed forever after the shooting incident at Dixon High School. The fast actions of Resource Officer Mark Dallas may have saved countless lives.

Since this time he has received recognition and accolades from around the state and country.  While Officer Dallas deserves all of the honors he has received, State Representative Tom Demmer wanted to not forget some other persons who performed heroically that day as well.

During the Dixon School Board meeting Wednesday evening, Demmer presented two certificates from the House of Representatives to persons he felt were unsung heroes.

The first was Coach Andrew McKay who when the shooting started slammed the doors of the gymnasium shut and ordered the students to leave the room.  His quick actions, said Demmer, helped to save lives and injuries which could have occurred.

The second was presented to School Principal Dr. Michael Grady.  This was for the dedication for all of the years of training and drills the school committed to which were put into effect on that day.  Demmer said while it was presented to Dr. Grady, it was actually for all of the staff, teachers and students who remembered their training and took quick actions.

He went on to say it would have been all too easy to not pay attention during the training and think it would never happen here.  But, he said the staff did remember and did what they were supposed to do.

Demmer also presented a copy of the resolution presented to Officer Dallas in Springfield.  He said this was presented because it too mentions Coach McKay and the training the at the schools.

Demmer said these people need to be remembered too. He said he also spoke with Dixon Police Sgt. Mike Wolfley who performs the ALICE training at the schools.  Wolfley said they will be doing improved ALICE training in the schools this year.