Cue Theatrical Brings Down the Curtain on Second Season in Dixon

Cue Theatrical Brings Down the Curtain on Second Season in Dixon

One of the hopes of the Dixon City Council has been to turn the Historic Dixon Theatre into a revenue engine for the city.

A year ago an agreement with CUE Theatrical brought a season of shows including Ed Asner’s one man show, A Man and His Prostate, A Charlie Brown Christmas and even performers from China.

After the season it was determined by CUE Theatrical the attendance of the performances was not what they hoped for.  It was also determined a better marketing plan needed to be in place to bring patrons from outside the Sauk Valley to Dixon.  Because of these reasons at the recent Dixon City Council meeting Councilman Mike Venier said CUE Theatrical will not bring a second season to Dixon.

Venier admitted the higher ticket price probably turned some people away from attending the shows.  However, he said these were not local productions but professional shows so they would naturally cost more.  He also said he heard time and again from people who did pay the ticket price and after the show said they were glad they did.

Venier said there was hope CUE Theatrical would give the city a second season and help people get used to the higher quality of productions. He went on to say he understands it is still a business for CUE Theatricals and they need to make a profit.

Venier said they received a structural report on the theatre and for the most part the theatre is in good shape.  He went on to say the new Theatre Board will be responsible for creating a better marketing plan and seeking out bigger name performers and productions to bring to the Historic Dixon Theatre.