Dixon School Board Approves Massive List of Bids for Jefferson School Work

Dixon School Board Approves Massive List of Bids for Jefferson School Work

Wednesday evening was the last school board meeting before the school year begins on the 20th.  This is the reason the board met earlier in the month than usual.

Most of the topics dealt with items involving the upcoming school year.  Naturally one of the main topics was the progress of the work being performed at the schools.

Grounds and Maintenance Director Kevin Schultz brought a very long list of bids to be performed at Jefferson School.  Some of the items dealt with concrete work, roofing, flooring, painting and electrical work, to mention a few.  Schultz also said things are still on schedule at all of the schools.

One of the contractors did say the scaffolding would still be up at the high school and he said it may be there until the first snow fall. Schultz said it may be up later than that.

He said they will begin the work of building the addition onto Jefferson School.  He assured the board this would not interfere with the classes.

In other business the board heard a technology report.  It was reported some of the high school classes will be getting 65” monitor screens and other technology to use in the classroom.  It was also announced the teachers at Madison School will be equipped with laptops.

Superintendent Margo Empen gave a report on enrollment.  She said at the moment they have over 2,300 students enrolled and another 3-400 are expected before school begins.