Deer, Deer What Can the Matter Be, CPO Beltran Was Not Expecting This One

Deer, Deer What Can the Matter Be, CPO Beltran Was Not Expecting This One

Conservation Police Officer Steve Beltran says in his line of work you just never know what you will come across one day to the next.

A few days ago Beltran said he received a call from a farmer around Polo who spoke of a stuck tractor, a big hole and a baby deer.  Beltran said they get several calls about baby animals this time of year so he told the farmer to just get the fawn out and let it go, momma should be nearby.  The farmer said he should come out and do it because the farmer said he could not get into the hole.  Beltran said he was not expecting to find what he did when he arrived on scene.

He found the John Deere Tractor with a tire in the hole alright, but, when he looked into the 12 foot deep by 4 feet wide hole, looking back up was the doe fawn.

After they removed the tractor they and several other would be rescuers batted around ideas of how to get the baby out of its predicament.  It was deemed unsafe to go into the hole, so the old fashion lasso method was attempted and eventually succeeded.

Beltran said the deer’s guardian angel was watching over it because if the tractor had not accidently fallen into the hole it never would have gotten out of it leading to a very unpleasant end. As was, the fawn was healthy and uninjured and it bolted into a nearby cornfield.

There was one down side to the story as the tow truck driver found a second 12 foot deep hole the hard way.  Beltran said the gentleman fell into the hole and dislocated his shoulder.  He was pulled free by the fire department and taken for treatment.

In the meantime the holes are roped off and clearly marked and they still have no idea how they got there.