Dixon Council Supports City Manager and Says City Ordinance Followed

Dixon Council Supports City Manager and Says City Ordinance Followed

The Dixon City Council in a special meeting Tuesday morning took a look at the city ordinance concerning time critical expenses.

The reason for the discussion was the recent heat City Manager Dan Langloss received concerning his action to place an order for over $80,000 in City Christmas decorations.

The accusation by some against Langloss was the idea he made the order before getting council approval.  Langloss stated in his defense that the only way the media or anyone else knew of the purchase was because of the city’s transparency.  The city put out the full agenda of their city council meeting last week which had the details of the purchase and the asking of council approval.  He said the idea he was trying to do something underhanded or was flaunting the law was ridiculous.

The council, on mass, agreed with Langloss and said he did not violate any aspect of the emergency ordinance. Mayor Li Arellano went further and stated Langloss did not violate any open meetings act stipulations either.  He said Langloss did contact council members and asked them if they thought this fell under an emergency.

Arellano, who voted against the purchase, defended Langloss and said actions leading to saving $30,000 of taxpayer money fell in the category of emergency.

The council did look at what was deemed an emergency.  Arellano said they follow the lead set by past council’s who determined it depended on each individual council.  The council did determine they needed to make a couple of very minor changes such as a better definition of emergency and a time limit for contacting the council.

Langloss and Arellano pointed out with this purchase, no money changed hands, no goods were received and the order could have been cancelled by the council at last week’s meeting.