Langloss: City Saving Thousands With More Projects Being Completed In-House

Langloss: City Saving Thousands With More Projects Being Completed In-House

When you walk into the Dixon City Hall these days you will be met by the smell of saw dust, the sound of hammers and the sight of construction.

The old building is getting a major remodeling designed to make the place more customer friendly and efficient for staff.  City Manager Dan Langloss called the new reception area a one stop shop where citizens can get all of their questions and business taken care of at one location.

The upstairs is also seeing some major changes as Public Works Director and Assistant City Manager Matt Heckman’s office is being moved from the basement to across the hall from the City Manager’s office.

Many people when they see this work will automatically ask one question, how much is this costing us.  The next statement is that the money could have been used on other things, such as roads.

Langloss is quick to point out the city is actually saving money with this and other projects because they are now able to do all of the work in house.

Langloss said if they had contracted out the remodeling they were looking at a $150,000 price tag.  He says by using city employees it is costing only $30,000.  He says there is $120,000 that can be used for other things.

He said the city is doing far more in house work that is saving taxpayers a ton of money.  He pointed to the remodeling at the Knack building for the Moxie Company as an example.

He said the city is doing more street work in house as well. He said street workers doing repairs on wheel chair ramps at street corners in preparation for the major street repair project.  He said this saves money that can be turned around and used for more street repairs.

Langloss said it is all part of the plan of hiring skilled employees at the public works department with multiple skills and expertise.